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Candle lighting 


Friday night 4:40 

Saturday morning  8:30

לוח זמנים לחגים

Prayer Times זמני תפילה

Up coming activities

Come and be part of a congregation that focuses on family. At Bet Israel we believe in Judaism that is egalitarian, open, and according to Halacha. We invite you to join us for Kabbalat Shabbat, or for a Bar- or Bat-Mitzva; to be part of the Jewish life cycle, to strengthen your children's connection with our identity as Israelis, and to enjoy a range of cultural activities for all ages.

In Bet Israel men and women pray together. You can sit with all the family together, in an impressive and attractive hall. We pray in the traditional format, including traditional poems and tunes. Both men and women lead services and read from the Torah.

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Come celebrate a Bar or Bat-Mitzva with us​

We invite you to celebrate a Bar or Bat-Mitzva with us. All the family celebrates tegether with your son or daughter. In preparation for the big day we offer a course for adolescents led by a team of professionals. The course will cover basic concepts of Judaism, the Aliya to the Torah, a meaningful meeting with parents, acquaintance with the synagogue, the Torah, and Jewish symbols, and learning to lay tefillin. After the course the congregation will invite your child to his or her first aliya to the Torah, in a ceremony that is unique, traditional, egalitarian and touching, in a warm and welcoming environment. Individual lessons are available. The celebration is held in a large hall that contains everything needed.

Always with you in life-cycle events


congregation Bet Israel accompanies families in all the major life-cycle events, in ceremonies that are traditional, family-oriented and egalitarian. We are with you for circumcision, bar- or bat-mitzva, weddings and mourning as part of the life-cycle. We offer help in preparing and conducting the ceremonies as well as hosting celebrations in a large hall on the floor above the synagogue, including supplies for your events.

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