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Kabbalat Shabbat and Seuda Friday November 17th


Services  at 4:30 pm followed by a Seuda.


We are joining the war effort!

When you pay for your meal, you will have the opportunity to donate money to cover the cost of meal/s for the most forgotten group of people in the war effort! The families of the soldiers who are fighting; The mothers who are suddenly alone with the kids and work, during a war. These women must try to prepare a nice Shabbat meal for their children with the added worry about the safety of their husbands who are out there fighting for our country!

The cost of one Kabbalat Shabbat meal for one person is 60 shekels. The recommended donation is 120 shekels to cover the meal you are eating with us and an additional 60 shekels so we can provide a similar meal for the family of a reserve soldier. We will deliver to the  families  in need on Friday.

Please note we can not accept money on Shabbat please register and pay online at or call the office 09 862 4345

Suggested donation
120 Shekels per person

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